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This blog site is provided by the Radiation Safety Counseling Institute for the sharing of radiation safety related concerns as well as accurate and unbiased information regarding the safety of radiation exposure in work (occupational) and health-care (medical/therapeutic) related activities.

Feel free to post a question that will be answered by one of our staff or leave us a comment.

  1. Amanaman permalink

    “If you believe you can or believe you cannot, you are right.”
    I believe myself well-footed in Star Wars mythology and I cannot remember that quote from Yoda. Sources on the internet attribute that quote to Henry Ford.

    Otherwise, a very interesting article. Maybe the psychological effects you allude to are a possible interpretation of the results of the KiKK study in Germany. There was a reported increase in Leukemia rates even around nuclear power plants that were planned, but never got built.

  2. Mark L. Miller, CHP permalink

    I’m working on a paper I hope to present at the HPS meeting in Sacramento this summer. It has to do with exhorting HPs to get on a “path forward” to deal with the ambiguities of LNT, conflicting regulations and regulatory bodies, etc.

    One of the recommendations that I will make to help achieve persistent, sustainable progress in this endeavor is to establish a BLOG or central clearing house where like-minded professionals can share/exchange/discuss ideas.

    I’ve never set up a blog. I’ve heard that it is relatively easy. Do you have any tips?
    Thanks in advance,
    Mark Miller

    • Mark-

      WordPress is FREE software that makes setting up a blog very easy. This is the software we use here.

      You first need to create an account, then choose a template for your site (this may the hardest because there are so many choices). There are lots of tutorials on how to customize/configure your site from there. I’ve found that most of the features are easy to use and you DON’T need to purchase any of the extra features.

      Feel free to contact me directly with other questions

      Greg Johnson

  3. Michael A. Molinario Sr. permalink

    I was under the impression that Federaly exempt status materials did not require tracking the same as general material.

    I currently have C14 instruments shipped from germany with leak tests provided. I have paperwork that will continue the shipment to the end user. Am I still required to treat this material as general material therefor requiring to follow the reciprocity laws?

  4. ricardo rodriguez permalink

    when next do you have a radiation safety conference?

  5. Keith Ball permalink


    I would just like to inform you that I have finally completed my bachelor’s degree in Nuclear Engineering Technology. You convinced me to get a degree back in 2001 and I have been plugging away at it ever since. I am now working on taking the CHP exams Parts I and II which you also suggested I take. I am in hopes of taking the exams next year in Baltimore. I really appreciate all the help and support you have given to me over the years. Thank you.

    Keith Ball

    • Keith-

      That’s fantastic. Ray doesn’t see these messages automatically, but I’m forwarding to him. Good luck with the exam.


    • Yoonmi Jung permalink

      Good morning. I am a student studying for radiation in Korea.
      I would like to know about the eligibility requirements for obtaining a radiation counselor certification.
      Tell us about how you can obtain a radiation itneunjie counselor certification in the United States.

      • Your interest in radiation counseling is commendable. There is no credential or certification for such services in the United States. I offer radiation safety counseling based on a 50 year career as a specialist in radiation safety and Board Certified Health Physicist (CHP). I have also had three years of training to provide psychological counseling and serve as a volunteer counselor in my church. I have found that specialists in radiation safety know how to deal with radiation issues,, but do not know how to help a person who is fearful of radiation. On the other hand, psychologists know how to help with fears, but they do not understand the technology of radiation issues. Therefore, Ii have been attempting to provide a bridge between technical understanding of radiation and how to best help persons that are afraid of radiation.

        If you wanted to provide radiation safety counseling, you should become very knowledgeable about radiation technology and then take specialized training in counseling. This may require several years of study. If you are willing to dedicate several years to such study, there is a great need for radiation counseling. Please consider the many publications and talks on this subject listed on my website at

        Wishing you well for a successful future.

        Ray Johnson

  6. Dave permalink

    My wife and I are considering purchasing a home in Montclair, NJ in the contaminated area in this report – . Do you think we are putting ourselves and our 4 yr old daughter’s health at risk?


  7. David Dinhofer permalink

    There are no recent blog posts. Has the institute closed?

    • vpgreg permalink

      David. Thanks for your question. No, the Institute is quite busy. Ray continues to provide consulting and training services to various clients around the country. This week he is preparing to conduct several training sessions at the American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Exhibition in Salt Lake City (May 30-June 4, 2015). Look for posts in June of his training materials.

  8. Jung Yoom Mi permalink

    Nice to meet you I am a student studying in Korea and radiation . This time it was studied the radiation counselor , not the differences, the United States, I was wondering if wondering what to study any counselor radiation above to get the certification , how certification should be acquired . Please let us know

  9. Taewoo,Kim permalink

    Hello . I’m Taewoo,Kim

    I am studying in radiation counseling with Moonmi,Jung .
    Radiation counseling is already starting in USA, JAPAN, AUSTRAILIA.
    But in Korea, It is starting recently.

    I want to know about USA radiation counseling course.
    ex. Introductory courses
    Energy policies understanding of radiation health effects . Nuclear fuel , radioactive waste
    30 hours

    we want to know specific radiation counseling Acquisition course.
    Thank you for reading my post.

  10. Ray, I very much like your blog. I own a radiation badge company and am interested in carrying next generation products. Can you make suggestions? Thanks Paul Walker

  11. Anthony permalink

    I’m looking for recommendations for technologists operating a DEXA machine. Is it required for an operator to be shielded during an exam?

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