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No. 56 – Hearing Feelings – 3

January 11, 2012

People Don’t Care How Much You Know, Until They Know How Much You Care!

This simple axiom may be the central key to dealing with people’s feelings about radiation. When we are seen as pro-nukes, the assumptions are that we are being paid for supporting nuclear technology and we don’t care about radiation effects on people. But, we do care! We care deeply, but how do we show it? Can we show how much we care, by demonstrating our technical knowledge of radiation safety? Most people, who are frightened by radiation, may not consider our credentials as measures for credibility.

Our credentials may gain us the opportunity to speak on a radiation issue, but our credibility may be related more to how we present our message, rather than what we have to say. For frightened people, the issue is about their feelings or fears, it is not about technology or the logical analysis of risks. They are not looking for technical answers, that they cannot understand. They are looking for indications that their fears are heard, understood, and responded to.

Unfortunately, for most HPs, feelings are part of our shadow (Insights #44-53). Feelings are an aspect of the world that we do not accept for ourselves and we have tried to avoid our entire life. Consequently, we have not developed an ability to communicate in the feeling language. We may see those who communicate in the feeling language as illogical and irrational. We may doubt their motivations and see them as wrong.

How Can We Show that We Care?

To show that we care, we have to learn to communicate in the feeling language. This will seem exceedingly difficult, but it is not impossible. We can show caring by our attempts to communicate in the feeling language, even when we are inept. Feeling types will appreciate the effort and usually want to help us make the translation from our normal thinking approach.

One possibility is to ask for help to understand the feelings. People want you to understand their feelings and will usually try to help. This should not be a challenge to feeling types to defend their feelings to your logical satisfaction. Feelings are not to be logically analyzed and judged, they are only to be heard.

How Can You Show That You Heard the Feelings?

Hearing feelings is demonstrated by paraphrasing the feelings as you heard them.

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