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Understanding Radiation Therapy | Cancer.Net

December 27, 2010

As I was searching (Google) under the terms “radiation safety counseling”, I came across the following site…Understanding Radiation Therapy | Cancer.Net. Tell us what you think of this information. Does it raise any questions for you?

  1. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I am researching the information provided on the website and I will get back with an evaluation.

  2. After reviewing information provided on for treatment with radiation, I conclude that it is good overall. This information should be helpful for a cancer patient. However, as with any technical topic, especially radiation, it is difficult to be both technically accurate and understandable at the same time. While I find the description of “What is radiation?” not well done techncially, this should not detract from the usefullness of the information for cancer treatment patients. I would have described radiaton in terms of energy, rather than frequency. Thus, I would have written the following:

    What is Radition?

    Radiation is elecromagnetic energy produced from a machine (x-rays) or from a radioactive material. Radiation interacts with matter by transferring energy to electrons of atoms. The trasnsfer of low energy radiation (such as microwaves) to electrons causes an increase of electron energy with an increase in temperature (this is how food gets hot in a microwave oven). HIgh energry radiation from x-rays or gamma rays can transfer enough energy to knock electrons away from atoms (this is called ionization). Radiation therapy uses the process of Ionization to break chemical bonds in atoms and kill cancer cells.

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